Falmouth Country Club Membership

The Richard "Dick" Harris Memorial Member-Guest

If you have been a Maine golfer long enough, you have a Dick Harris story. The Fall Member Guest will become the annual Richard "Dick" Harris Memorial Member-Guest. Since 2019 when Dick passed away, we have thought long and hard about the best way to honor and remember him. Statues, fountains, benches, buildings and charity events were all discussed, but we have decided the best way to honor Dick's legacy is to bring people together through golf. This tournament will support the Club that Dick loved and helped build, and it will allow members to invite others who knew Dick at some point in his life, which seems to be the perfect fit. And we know that Dick would be there smiling at the Pro-Shop desk as all of the players came in from their round.


Keep an eye out for the event registration opening January 2024 in the Club's Calendar.