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Maine's premier competitive golf venue, Falmouth Country Club offers our golfers an exceptional golf experience with world-class facilities, state-of-the-art technology, exciting events and tournaments, and a competitive and supportive community of players.

Course Tour
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Holes 4-6
Holes 7-9
Holes 10-12
Holes 13-15
Holes 16-18
Par 4 366 | 351 | 329 | 319 | 247 HCP 13 | 15

The contoured bentgrass fairway bends to the left and features a drive zone framed by stately hemlocks and oak trees. Bunkers long and right add visual contrast and complete the identification of the landing area. The players should be hitting their approach shots with a pitching wedge or 9-iron.

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Par 3 246 | 191 | 173 | 165 | 152 HCP 11 | 9

Towering oaks and natural mounds left and rear frame the green on this long par-3 hole. The special New England flavor of the Falmouth Country Club is emphasized by a pond that protects the right side of the green. Only the longest hitters will be able to reach the green with anything less than a 3-wood.

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Par 4 427 | 378 | 366 | 344 | 296 HCP 3 | 7

The gently rolling topography of this hole heightens the dramatic contrast for what follows on the front nine. Majestic hemlock, pine, oak and beech trees frame the drive zone of the third hole, while a series of bunkers protect the left side of the green.

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Par 4 415 | 388 | 378 | 368 | 322 HCP 13 | 15

On the fourth tee, a tranquil park-like setting awaits the player. Multiple tees allow for varying distances and angles of play for golfers of varying ability. For the pros, a 250-yard drive over the water will start off the hole, with most players hitting their approach shots with a 7- or 8-iron.

Par 3 208 | 198 | 182 | 132 | 125 HCP 7 | 13

From the fourth green to the fifth tee, the terrain changes from the gentle slopes of the opening holes to more of a mountainous course. The downhill fifth hole features a sharp ravine to the rear of the green, with bunkers left and right emphasizing the importance of accuracy with the tee shot.

Par 5 513 | 480 | 475 | 455 | 391 HCP 17 | 17

The sixth hole plays up a long valley bounded by the sharp slopes on either side. The longest drivers will be tempted to go for the green in two with a 'bite-off' tee shot over a natural stream on the left side of the drive zone. Those looking for an eagle though, will have to carry the large bunker fronting the green with their second shot.

Par 4 408 | 399 | 367 | 319 | 313 HCP 5 | 3

Although the views from the elevated tees are striking, the players will be well advised to tend to business, as the seventh hole is as challenging as it is beautiful. A long sinuous fairway bunker is framed by dynamic oak and maple trees to the left of the drive zone.

Par 5 513 | 502 | 486 | 470 | 419 HCP 15 | 11

The eighth hole rounds out the 'back loop' with drives hit slightly uphill to a landing zone framed to the right by a strong slope. The slope continues along the remainder off the fairway, while the players will again be tempted to go for the green in two. A great par-5 to break out the driver, this hole will also serve as the 'longest drive' hole.

Par 4 430 | 380 | 345 | 335 | 325 HCP 9 | 5

This hole heads back to the clubhouse with a green delightfully framed by mature hardwoods and evergreens. The tee shot favors a drive hit long and right, onto a knob in the center of the fairway. Multi-tiers in the green provide for very strategic pin placements.

Par 4 469 | 400 | 371 | 357 | 317 HCP 4 | 2

The tenth hole plays as a dog leg right with a downhill tee shot to a plateau landing area. A pond in the ravine past the drive zone will affect only the longest of drives. The approach shot to the green is slightly uphill to a green well protected by very deep bunkers.

Par 3 204 | 172 | 159 | 112 | 104 HCP 18 | 18

Five of the next seven holes have been dubbed the 'links holes' with their rolling open terrain similar to that found on the links of Scotland. The drop-shot par-3 eleventh has bunkers left, right, front and rear which will catch tee shots by golfers distracted by the picture-postcard views.

Par 4 468 | 417 | 373 | 337 | 311 HCP 6 | 8

The drive zone is framed by large natural mounding features. Perched on a bluff, the green drops severely to the left and is fronted by water. Rolling mounds and bunkers to the rear and right side frame the green.

Par 4 436 | 390 | 368 | 352 | 285 HCP 14 | 14

The 13th and 14th holes play along the east branch of the Piscataqua River. The 13th has a spectacular view of a rolling drive zone framed on the right side by an expansive bunker. A well-placed drive will reward the players with a level lie and a clear view downhill to the green.

Par 5 588 | 556 | 509 | 500 | 416 HCP 10 | 4

This hole plays entirely along the river with natural swales cutting across the fairway at strategic points. As the longest hole on the course, The 14th plays as a true three-shot par-5.

Par 4 456 | 410 | 397 | 353 | 332 HCP 8 | 6

At 460 yards from the back tee, the 15th hole will test even the most accomplished players. The landing area winds through bunkers and large mounds, while the green is approached along a rolling fairway.

Par 3 198 | 183 | 138 | 133 | 113 HCP 16 | 16

This is the first of an outstanding set of finishing holes. A shallow green adds integrity to what at first seems an innocent golf hole. A sea of sand to the right front green requires a well-struck iron shot to the putting surface. Hillocks and hummocks surrounding the green appear to have been imported directly from Scotland.

Par 5 542 | 522 | 511 | 473 | 417 HCP 12 | 10

This hole closes out the links portion of the course with an uphill hole that can be reached with two long and accurate shots. Placement of the tee shot to allow an even lie on the rolling fairway will be critical to making birdie.

Par 4 485 | 439 | 365 | 312 | 271 HCP 2 | 12

The finishing hole at Falmouth Country Club is a dog leg that features a drive zone framed by huge mounds and bunkers left and right, and a stunning green fronted by water. This "rolling terror" green places a premium on accuracy on those looking for a birdie to win the final hole.

Falmouth Country Club
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Falmouth's long and wide track provides a true challenge for the scratch golfer, yet is generous to the new player, offering plenty of chances for all to make that stroke of a lifetime.

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Hear from Our Members Testimonials
Falmouth Country Club brings together everything that makes a golf day special. From a warm greeting from the Director of Golf, a Trackman System enabled driving range, an excellently conditioned championship golf course, and your favorite libation to end a great round with friends on the deck, FCC continually meets and exceeds my expectations of a country club.
Kevin Montminy
My family has been a part of Falmouth Country Club since its inception. From starting to build our house in 1987 to promoting Dick Harris' vision with the Pepsi Skins Challenge; to today's FCC. I have seen it all and am very proud of the current state of the Club. It has never been better. My focus is the golf and the golf course. To that end, thank you to the staff for bringing FCC to the "Best of" category in Maine golf.
Here's to a great 2023!
Peter and Sandy Kostis
Wonderfully conditioned and challenging golf course. The staff is exceptional and goes above and beyond for the membership.
Ciaran Lynch
My family and I have enjoyed FCC immensely. It's a great place to play, relax and have a good time.
Matthew Greenleaf
I have been a member here for 20 years and the golf course is in the best condition I have ever seen. 5 stars to the grounds crew and the golf staff.
The addition of the pool bar & grill has been a home run for the food & beverage department.
Pete Williamson
When it comes to golf, Falmouth Country Club is second to none!!
The golf course is spectacular and always in immaculate condition.
But, it's really all about the people: the golf staff are professional, polite, and always accommodating. I would not be a member anywhere else.
Dr. Steven Scrivani
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